Catacombs: Chapter 18

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Gilgamesh’s words echoed in Nimbus’ head: “You’d need at least a crossbow bolt!”

“Bolt.” That’s the word.

The familiar sensation snapped through him. He could feel power saturating his being, electricity pulsing through his body, a sensation so potent that for a moment he couldn’t respond. Then the energy sharpened, focused, prepared for launch. Nimbus felt like a dam about to burst as the next second passed at a snail’s pace. He saw the people running, Stinger with his bow drawn, Gilgamesh steadying himself, and at the center of it all was the armor. The silver suit gripped its sword with hollow fingers. It raised its blade to slaughter anything within reach. Behind its visor: blackness and emptiness. Nimbus willed it to be destroyed and released the lightning. Continue reading “Catacombs: Chapter 18”


Catacombs: Chapter 17

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The trio charged through the dark tunnels, feet hammering against the stone. Stinger was in the lead, followed directly by Hermes with Nimbus bringing up the rear. They wove through the network of corridors, scrambling for the protection of the Vinefront. The regular, percussive clangs of their pursuer’s footfalls rang all too closely on their heels.

Well, at least it’s not bloodwolves. It’s nice to get some variety for a change, and murderous, animated armor is, if nothing else, a deviation from the norm. Continue reading “Catacombs: Chapter 17”

Catacombs: Chapter 16

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Nimbus’ feet pounded against the stone floor of the tunnel, the sound echoing slightly throughout the empty passages. He skidded to a halt as the tunnel branched. His head snapped to the right, but he saw nothing. His head snapped to the left. Was that Hermes rounding a corner, or just a trick of the torchlight?

“Hermes!” Nimbus shouted.

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Catacombs: Chapter 15

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“Nimbus, you’re just in time!” Witte rose from her seat. “I’m done with the analysis of your weapon.”

Nimbus stood in Witte’s dimly lit vine hut, looking down at the black blade that lay across the desk. “So, what did you find out?”

“More or less what I expected. As per Sophian tradition, your sword is imbued with elemental energy, electricity in this specific case, which both fuels the cognitus defense, and amplifies lightning magics.” Continue reading “Catacombs: Chapter 15”

Catacombs: Chapter 14

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“Please, take a seat.”

Nimbus carefully lowered himself to the floor of Witte’s hut, wincing as his fresh bruises ached. “Gilgamesh doesn’t mess around…”

“He never does.” Witte scanned her stack of books before pulling out a few tomes and joining Nimbus on the floor. “Now…” She thumbed through the pages of a large, leather-bound book. “I caught a glance at your armor the yesterday, and if I had to guess…” Witte held up the book for Nimbus to see. “Can you read this?”

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Catacombs: Chapter 13

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Nimbus stood in the center of the courtyard. Marble walls rose up all around him, gleaming in the sun. The grass of the courtyard was thick and healthy, broken only by strong trees and winding cobblestone paths. One path, wider than the rest, ran straight through the yard, and it was on this path that Nimbus, along with a several other individuals, stood in a line opposite a group of cloaked figures wearing helmets with the visors down.

This is a dream. 

The knowledge came spontaneously. Nimbus knelt, but it wasn’t his decision. He was merely watching his own actions with the detached apathy of a dreamer. He was here to observe, nothing more. One of the visorred men stepped forward to speak. Nimbus couldn’t make out the words, but the voice was solemn.

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Catacombs: Chapter 12

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Gilgamesh struck the battered shield three times, then stepped back and waited. There was no response, only the quiet crackle of a torch the convoy had passed moments ago, accompanied by the breathing and shuffling of exhausted men. The water cart, which barely fit between the narrow confines of the tunnel walls, was blocking most of the torchlight from behind, and it was difficult to make out the details of the strange door that severed the passage. The only obvious feature was the worn shield that hung directly in the center of the door, reflecting what little light there was.

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